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Teen Leadership Conference

Teen Leadership Conference

Monday, July 17, 2017 - Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cost: : $330.00, Deposit Due May 31st: $130.00

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What is TLC?

TLC stands for Teen Leadership Conference.  It exists to train godly students to influence their world for Christ. The conference is designed for high school students entering 9th through 12th grade. It is not camp, and it is not church. It is a conference focused on challenging students to be influencers in their churches, schools, and communities.

Join hundreds of students from across the country for…

  • In-depth Bible teaching that is applicable to your life today—and for your future.
  • High energy, Christ-centered worship featuring biblically-based music.
  • Practical, ministry-oriented workshops to help you use how God made you to serve Him and others.
  • Small group interaction that is designed to strengthen your walk with God.

This summer’s theme: #tlcserves

Genuine influence is being a servant. | Matthew 20:20–28

The Bible is clear that our greatest ability to be an influence on others is to be a servant! Today’s culture shouts the idea that leadership means having a position of authority. That’s not the biblical definition of leadership. Even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself came to serve. If we follow His example, being a servant is absolutely essential. Serving Christ and others is the way God’s Word tells us that His followers can have lasting influence.

When is TLC?

We will be attending Week 1 of TLC from July 17th - 22nd.

How do I register for TLC?

All conference attendees must bring the completed Event Waiver, Medical Health History & Release, and a copy of a current insurance card to be held by the Nurse in case of emergency. 

Register Here

More Information

Students are to be at their campus by 3:00pm on Monday, July 17th. 

Students will be back to their campus by 10:00am Saturday.
Because we design the entire week to build to a climax on Friday evening, please do not make plans to leave until after the final wrap-up in the dorms that evening.

Pray before you get to TLC and ask God to do something unbelievably amazing in your hearts this week. This is a week to focus on God, His Word and spiritual growth. Please do not bring anything on campus that could be distracting to what God might want to do in your hearts during the week.

Health Forms
Each student must have a Medical History Release Form. Please use only the “Official” Clarks Summit University TLC Medical History/Release Form. Students will not be allowed to attend TLC without the official health forms. Forms must be received by the Church Office by July 3rd.

What To Bring
Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, sleeping bag, pillow, towels, toiletries and other personal items, fan, recreational clothing. Spending money for the Underground Cafe, Byrdies, TLC apparel and other snacks.

Clarks Summit University desires students to dress in a manner consistent with biblical principles of modesty.  The specific guidelines included below are shaped by those biblical principles, community preferences and cultural expectations and personal safety.  There is a subjective element to these principles and our staff reserves the right to assist students in appropriately applying these principles for Teen Leadership Conference.

  • Clothing should modest – and must not be short, tight, or revealing.
  • The following list is a non-exhaustive set of examples to guide students as they consider appropriate dress at TLC:
    • Tops should not be low-cut or tight-fitting
    • Midriff, underwear, and buttocks should not show
    • Sweatpants should not be tight-fitting or revealing
    • Shorts should be fingertip length or longer
    • Skirts and dresses should be to the top of the knee
    • Clothing with holes should not reveal skin that is normally covered by shorts
  • Clothing should be gender appropriate.
  • Clothing should not have slogans that are inconsistent with CSU values.
  • Students wearing Spandex for exercise should have loose-fitting shirts and shorts over top (spandex should only be worn for exercise).
  • Pajama pants are only to be worn in the dorms.
  • Shoes must always be worn in buildings (except inside dorms).

Information Table
The TLC Information Table in the Phelps Student Center is staffed each day during the conference from 8:00am–11:00pm. The TLC Information Table's number is 570.585.9352.

Contact Security
In case of emergency, Clarks Summit University Security may be contacted from 11:00pm–8:00am at 570.585.9200.


How old do I have to be to attend TLC?
TLC is designed for high school students entering ninth through twelfth grades.

What do I do if a student has a special medical condition?
Please note this on the Medical History Release Form and notify the TLC Office at  or 570.585.9354.

When are medical forms due?
The Medical History Release Form must be returned to TLC no later than July 3rd.

Is the $125 non-refundable deposit ever refundable?
No, the $125 non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot.

When is the remaining balance due?
The remaining balance is due Wednesday, July 12th. 

Will students be housed with our youth group?
Yes, students will be housed with our church and a Clarks Summit University student counselor. Youth workers may attend TLC, but are housed in separate residence halls.