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Counterfeit Christian

Are you a counterfeit Christian or are you the real deal?  This question may sound harsh, but everyone who has said "yes" to Jesus needs to ask it, even if we don't like the answer.  Join us as we walk through and identify five marks of an authentic walk with Jesus, and see if they align to your life.

Going Public

Baptism is an ancient ritual. Why is it important for me to choose to be baptized? We'll talk about what holds people back from getting baptized, and why it's still important today. 

One, Not Everyone

The world is broken.  War.  Poverty.  Sickness.  What is God's plan for the church and for me to help a hurting, broken world?

I Choose

We make decisions and our decisions make us.  Sometimes we may agonize over small choices, like where to eat, or what to wear, but do we gloss over big choices in the process?  There might be more on the line than you thought when you say "I Choose."  This four-part message series helps us learn to be intentional about the choices we make.

Who Needs Christmas?

Who needs Christmas?  Seriously, who needs it?  Well, as it turns out, we all do.

White Flag

This series takes us through the life of the run away prophet.  For Jonah obedience was a battle, but through some difficult circumstances he finally surrendered to the will of God.  Even with his second chance, he still struggled with God's mercy towards the Ninivites.  Those frustrations eventually led to a rematch between the runaway prophet and God.  In so many ways, we are Jonah.

Making Change

Whether you're digging out of debt or planning for your future, a brighter tomorrow starts by Making Change today.


Life’s full of ups and downs. Everybody loves being happy, so why is it so hard to stay that way? In the Emoji Series, learn what the Bible says about fighting our feelings and discover how to take control of your moods before they take control of you.