Bridgewater Church South Vestal

Bridgewater Baptist Church opened a new site on September 15, 2013!  We were featured in the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin!  Click here to see the story!

We meet weekly at the former location of South Vestal Baptist Church (2718 Rt. 26 S, Vestal, NY).  We would love to see you there!  Do you have questions? If so please contact Ethan Morrison, the South Vestal Campus Pastor at


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is “Bridgewater Church South Vestal”?

A:  Bridgwater Church South Vestal is the third multisite campus of Bridgewater Baptist Church. By going multisite we become “one church in multiple locations” allowing us to bring the gospel to more people.


Q:  What is the Pioneer team?

A:  The pioneer team is a group of people that have committed to attend, serve, give, and invite people to be part of Bridgewater SV. If you are interested in being part of the pioneer team contact Ethan.


Q:  Why multisite? Why not just keep growing Montrose and Hallstead?

A: Ultimately, we desire to see growth in all three locations.  However, we recognize that living in a rural area creates a hurdle for many people to attend church. By having multiple locations, we are able to reach more people in more places. To reach out to our community and the communities surrounding us we need to be creative. Having multiple sites is one way to welcome more families to join us on Sunday.


Q:  Why South Vestal?

A:  First, because that is where the people are and second because South Vestal Baptist Church asked us to adopt them. There are thousands of families in and around Choconut, South Vestal, Vestal Center, and Vestal. A small fraction of them are attending church on a regular basis. There is great need in that area for a gospel witness.


Q:  Is this a church plant?

A:  No. A church plant is launched from a “parent church” and breaks away into complete independence. They establish their own Senior Pastor, Board, and Ministry systems. We will remain connected to Bridgewater Baptist Church, giving us access to a broad spectrum of resources. This will allow us to reach the most people at the least cost.


Q:  What will be the same/different from Bridgewater Montrose and Hallstead?

A:  Same:  Central Leadership, Theology, Ministry Systems (Teaching, Worship, Children’s Ministries, Office, Financial)

    Different:  Location, Local Mission (Choconut and South Vestal Area)


Q:  Where will Bridgewater Church South Vestal meet?

A:  We will meet in the building formerly known as South Vestal Baptist Church! It is located at 2718 Rt. 26 S, Vestal, NY.  


Q:  When is it launching?

A:  The official launch will be September 15th. We have 2 preview services on July 14th and August 11 @ 9:30am as well as VBS August 5-9 @ 9am leading up to the launch.


Q:  How will volunteers get the training they need?

A:  We are putting together service teams now that will be trained by team leaders from Montrose and Hallstead. If you would like to serve at Bridgewater Church South Vestal, please contact Ethan and he will introduce you to the appropriate team leader.


Q:  How will Bridgewater SV be funded?

A: Bridgewater SV will be funded in 2 ways: First, we received a $100,000 gift to cover start-up costs and second, all of the Bridgewater locations operate on a unified budget. Each site contributes to the general fund, contributing to the overall health of the entire ministry.